A Promising IDE for Android Developers – Google’s Android Studio A Promising IDE for Android Developers

Brief introduction to Android Studio IDE !

Integrated Development Environment abbreviated as IDE, which can be defined as “A programming environment integrated into a software application that provides a GUI builder, a text or code editor, a compiler and/or interpreter and a debugger.” In short, it is an inclusive application for software development.

Some examples of IDE include Eclipse, Visual Studio, Dream Weaver, JBuilder and FrontPage to name a few.

Android Studio:

Android Studio is an IDE which is based on the powerful IntelliJ IDEA Java IDE. It is a product of Google in collaboration with Jet Brains, one of the most advanced Java IDEs today. It provides well-designed features for Android application development process. It is fast and also with the responsive interface. This IDE will over-simplify and optimize the entire process of designing software and OS development.

Eclipse v/s Android Studio !!

  • Eclipse uses the ADT plugin for developing applications but Android Studio is based on the IntelliJ IDEA Java IDE.
  • Eclipse requires so many resources to start but there is no need of it in Android Studio.
  • In Eclipse we need to add a plugin but in Android Studio there is no need of it.
  • Eclipse is not as fast as Android Studio.

Features of Google studio:

Build tools

The concept of Gradle is used by the Android Studio for Android development that provides dependency resolution, flexibility, customized build flavors and much more. It allows building projects in the IDE and also on your continuous integration servers.


Android studio Graphical User Interface is more powerful as it provides smooth GUI and some superb drag and drop UI features.

Code editing

Based on IntelliJ Idea Editor, Android Studio has a powerful code editor that supports features which includes smart editing, constant static analysis and advance code. These features make in-line resources easy to read and edit your code giving instant access. It has the power to transform your code across the scope of the entire project. To recognize bugs faster with ease, the Android Studio has added static code analysis for the safety and ease of use.

Easy access to Google services within Android Tools

Android Studio has the ability to access Google services easily from the IDE. It also has new plugin called the ADT translation manager. By exporting using plugins, we can translate the string on the Google Play Developer Console. And after that we can import that same string back into the project.


As Eclipse was the only IDE for Android Application Development with the ADT i.e. Android Development Tools plugin which was provided in the Android SDK i.e. Software Development Kit. And this was very loiter; giving great number of incalculable errors which in result getting hard for developers to handle. But this is not the case with the Android Studio. Thus, to get over with this constant problem, Google decided to introduce IDE with advanced features named Android Studio. Thereby, from the above details we can say that Android Studio is being preferred over Eclipse.