Wickr Messaging App Now for Android Also

Necessity of Safe Messaging App As we all know that Social networking sites, Personal communications on apps and e-mails are very much open, which leaves a trail of personal data that can potentially be accessed by corporations, criminals as well as government agencies. Thus, safe messaging app has become... Read More »


Run Android Apps in Your Smart PC

Today, no one can do without the cell phones considering the people from any vocation. The reason behind such dissemination of cellular phones is the existence of addictive applications and games in a vast amount. And Android is one of the leading OS with loads of apps provided technological... Read More »

Android Apps

Two Major Android Apps for Every Professionals

Contribution from Google in Developing Android Apps Google’s Android is an open source platform which is quickly catching up and obtaining its own loyal pursuivant. A great number of Android users can now make the most out of their smartphones, because of the huge number of applications which are... Read More »


Google+ App is Overhauled for Android Users

Bit about Google+ App One of the major social networking sites is Google+ compared to Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest which is soaring worldwide. Combination of the Google+ with Android is very authentic. As both of them are Google’s creation. The reason behind the frequent updates of Android App is... Read More »

Google Plus

A Promising IDE for Android Developers – Google’s Android Studio

Brief introduction to Android Studio IDE ! Integrated Development Environment abbreviated as IDE, which can be defined as “A programming environment integrated into a software application that provides a GUI builder, a text or code editor, a compiler and/or interpreter and a debugger.” In short, it is an inclusive... Read More »

A Promising IDE for Android Developers

Android Apps Development – Fast and Easy Applications for Mobile Phones

Android Apps Development is one of the fastest development platforms today with millions of Android apps in the market which has revolutionized the world. And with rapid development of the platform, which is based on the Linux Kernel, there are several Android apps developers developing bespoke apps across the... Read More »

App Development

How to make Money Online With Android application Development

Android application development has become a huge business with thousands of android application developers spread across the globe. And, as the world of internet is overflowing with lots of android applications, to make money online with android application development, you need to strike with big ideas. There are many... Read More »

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