Google+ App is Overhauled for Android Users Google Plus

Bit about Google+ App

One of the major social networking sites is Google+ compared to Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest which is soaring worldwide.

Combination of the Google+ with Android is very authentic. As both of them are Google’s creation. The reason behind the frequent updates of Android App is to improve the performance to compete with this competitive technology world.

Thus, Google is updating this Google+ Android App so frequently, so that more users get attracted towards it when they will hear the news and will install this amazing Google+ App just like they are using Gmail, Pinterest, and Twitter to name a few.

Google’s Android OS is rising a lot today which is a direct competition to Apple’s iOS. As most of the crowd is attracted towards mobile internet so it is must to keep such softwares updated frequently. And you must definitely heard about Wechat, Viber, Whatsapp and many more which are extremely famous Android Apps, nowadays.

Another soaring app on Android OS is Google+ which carries huge mobile users due to its amazingly outstanding features for e.g. Style of liking which is ‘+1’ sign. And the latest functionality is ‘Snapseed’ now, with which users can make desired editing of their uploaded pictures and can enhance the photo more nicely.

And due to such unique feature users are getting more attracted towards this Google+ App a lot, which is really worth installing. By this we can say that Android Application developer is doing a great job.

Updates of Google+ Android Apps

1. Google+ Gaining Notification

The revamped notification interface of Google+ is coming forward through the official Android App, on the web. This App notification has synchronized, as when you read or dismiss the change will take across all the platforms, which is a bit like Cloud Messaging of Android. Also you will notice the enhanced notification UI with attractive ‘bell icon’ and ‘fresh coat of paint’.

2. Google+ content recommendations for mobile sites

Google+ has proved an unobtrusive way which connotes more relevant content to its users. And this facility helps those who are operating websites with the mobile versions, with this they can quickly and easily append code that recommends additional content which is based on Google+ information. Thus, with Google+ page, any website can enable Google+ recommendations that too with a single ‘javascript’ line on the mobile site.

3. Better cover photo editing, fixes bugs

In this revamped Google+ App, users will be amazed to see the new features with more advanced options for editing and selecting cover pictures with granular control for a better preview. And another interesting thing is that mobile users will also be able to see the ‘strikethrough text formatting’.

4. Photo + event features

  • Google+ new photo features include better photo sphere where you can expect instant photo upload of up to 5 GB
  • With events and communities feature you will be able to send messages to each and every guest of the event and can also see that who has opened invitations.
  • Another new integration is the birthday notifications which will come through cards with G+ links embedded in it.
  • You can also edit your profile on the go and to participate in a ‘hangout’, only 150 kb of bandwidth is required.

An Overview of entire post

Google is really working hard with both its web and mobile interface, which is very appreciable. Thus, because all such amazing and enchanting enhancement done to Google+, this revamped version is being rolled out on the Google’s Android App and on the web like never before.