How to make Money Online With Android application Development App Money

Android application development has become a huge business with thousands of android application developers spread across the globe. And, as the world of internet is overflowing with lots of android applications, to make money online with android application development, you need to strike with big ideas.

There are many people who are interested in building Android apps as a hobby, but many more are simply tempted by the promise of a fresh stream of income. But, it is the right Android app that can generate a huge amount of money.

A Highly Profitable Business

The android application market is a huge world in itself and offers great scope for the android application developers and companies to be successful beyond their anticipation and by making very little initial outlays. It has now come out as one of the easiest and best ways to market and sell one’s products and services at the same time promoting the social sharing of information to encourage mobile users towards developing and maintaining brand loyalty.

The Secret behind Android App Success

There are thousands of great popular Android apps in the market which are being used by millions of users across the globe. The actual reason behind the great success is the free versions. Initially you can release a free version of your proposed app on the apps store wherein you can also advertise which could well become a perennial source of revenue for your company. Rovio, the company that released one of the most popular game apps of the last year Angry Birds is still reaping rich rewards with the advertising bar that came with the free versions of Angry Birds. Isn’t that amazing? Just concentrate upon engaging your users with the apps that make them repeatedly use your apps. Keep on updating the versions to keep their interest alive and develop apps for multiple surfaces.

Advantage of Social Sharing

The advantage of Android social sharing applications is countless that encourages the users to share the information with their friends online, without much extra effort on the part of the app developer. The advantage of the social sharing apps such as FaceBook, Twitter, etc. is the best example of the advantage such platforms provide to the android app developers as such apps are in great demand among the new generation of android application users. With the help of such apps, you can integrate in-app purchasing of your products or services and generate more revenue. Or, as an android app developer, you can offer a completely ad-free version to the users with certain games to make extra money by way of buying virtual cash or something.

Associations with Brands and Carriers

There are many mobile brands and carriers that are interested in partnering with many android application developers to release their apps with them. This again is a great formula to make money online with the help of Android application development. By such tie-ups, you can create a brand name and capitalize upon that to earn great revenue. It is a no-loss situation for you as an Android application developer with only slight disadvantage as you can earn only a fraction of the revenue as the major chunk would have to be passed on to the mobile brands or carrier. But, it is good a proposition to go for such tie-ups as it is an opportunity to showcase your work and get noticed!