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Necessity of Safe Messaging App

As we all know that Social networking sites, Personal communications on apps and e-mails are very much open, which leaves a trail of personal data that can potentially be accessed by corporations, criminals as well as government agencies.

Thus, safe messaging app has become a necessity for all. As there are always security risks, if your phone is compromised. Because it is possible for hackers to track keystrokes while you are typing out messages or if someone steals your phone while you are logged in and also if the person on the receiving end of your messages could violate your trust and share all your information with others.

About Wickr

  • Wickr is a new mobile application for Apple devices, which is a self-destructing messaging app that is taking security very gravely.
  • With the help of this app you will be able to exchange files and messages without leaving digital traces that could be investigated by law enforcement.
  • In the free version of Wickr, photos or message senders can set a self-destruct time for the data ranging from a few seconds to six days.
  • Be careful in taking a screen-shot on an iPhone, because it is hard to take a screen-shot of a photo or video in Wickr. So for that you have to push the power button and the home button at the same time.
  • Robert Statica said, “The operating system reports that the file has been deleted but in fact the file remains on the hard drive on the device until it is overwritten.”
  • Before transferring, the photos and text are scrambled on the device using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard encryption. And the encryption keys are also encrypted and only used once before being discarded.
  • Wickr cannot access any of the encryption keys used for securing data. And even a person’s user name is also stored by Wickr as a cryptographic cipher.
  • Here data are sent using Secure Sockets Layer, which is an encrypted security protocol, as an added security measure. And only encrypted data passes through Wickr’s servers with deleted log files.
  • A free version is available Apple’s App Store, and you can also contact the Smartphone application development, to know more.

Summary :

Thus, Wickr is a self-destructing messaging app which is highly secured way for communication. As messages sent using this app are encrypted as well as anonymous. More and more Android Smartphone Apps for professionals have been developing at a great pace, which is a huge evolution in this Smartphone era.